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2015-07-23 Out now! SPELL FOREST "Lucifer Rex" CD

After some delay, is finally out the reissue of the classic SPELL FOREST´s release "Lucifer Rex", originally released in 2005. Now reissued with 2 exclusive live songs as bonus tracks.

"Lucifer Rex" is considered by many as one of the strongest Black Metal albums released in South America. The band is also claimed as the Brazilian Limbonic Art, due to the Symphonic pieces of this release, but SPELL FOREST is much brutal and harsh than Limbonic Art was once.

The full-album is available for streaming at our Bandcamp page:

Spell Forest - Lucifer Rex CD 2015

2015-05-20 New signing: INFERNAL INQUISITION

We are proud to announce our new signing, the Necro/Black Metal underground act Infernal Inquisition, raising from the North of Brazil.

Their debut album titled "Sob o Obsesso Ocaso Lunar" is scheduled for the next semester and will be released in cooperation between Sulphur Records, Misanthropic Records and Sphera Noctis Records.

Infernal Inquisition

2015-02-01 Out now! MORK "Awake" DigiCD

Our third storm, MORK "Awake" DigiCD, finally arrived. Symphonic and Fast Black Metal packaged in a beautiful Digipack.

The album can be purchased through Drakkar Brasil's webstore (, through our Bandcamp page ( or just get in contact by email (

2014-11-26 SWORDS AT HYMNS: cover artwork and album title revealed

Swords At Hymns revealed the cover artwork and album title for their debut, planed to be released in the first months of 2015. According to the band, the cover artwork reflects the mood of the album.

Swords At Hymns - Autumnal Introspections

2014-11-25 Out now! AIN SOF AUR "Ophis Christos" DigiCD

Long awaited Ain Sof Aur's second album is finally available. Expect nothing less than a Blackened piece of art!

The album can be purchased through Drakkar Brasil's webstore (, through our Bandcamp page ( or just get in contact by email (

2014-11-01 New release announcement!

Once again we are proud to announce a new signing: SWORDS AT HYMNS, Melodic Black/Doom Metal from the south of Brazil. The debut album of this young but promissing band is in the recording process and it is going to be released in the first quarter of 2015, in partnership with Wolves Curse Records.

The artwork is beautifuly being created by the great artist Marcelo Vasco (P2R Design).

More news regarding this epic release very soon!

2014-10-23 MORK news: tracklist, album cover & official vídeo

MORK has just announced their official and professionally produced video clip for the song "Infirmita Carnis", the third one in the upcoming "Awake" album. In adition, we are willing to reveal also the album cover and tracklist.

Watch "Infirmita Carnis" on Youtube for a better experience.

The tracklist:

  1. Untamed
  2. Sacrifice
  3. Infirmita Carnis
  4. Svatan
  5. Three Transformations
  6. Human
  7. Lobos
  8. Apostaticos
  9. Preached by Death
  10. Awake

The album cover:

Mork - Awake

2014-10-15 AIN SOF AUR: release date postponed

The pressing for "Ophis Christos" is late and we had to postpone the release date. You can thank or rebel against the brazilian phonographic factories for those mass music productions for the end of the year's family celebrations and whatnots.

The new release date will be in some day during November. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

2014-09-15 New release announcement!

Sulphur Records is proud to announce a new release: MORK "Awake".

MORK's second full-length album is scheduled to be out during November '14 in Digipack format and it will be released in partnership with Eternal Hatred Records.

"Awake" was recorded by the duo Samhen (Guitars / vocals) and Foizer (Guitars). The drums was recorded by V. Digger (MIASTHENIA). Expect a powerful, fast, yet melodic and raw release.

2014-08-26 AIN SOF AUR: cover artwork and tracklist revealed.

The cover artwork for "Ophis Christos", the upcoming AIN SOF AUR album, is finally revealed. It was painted by the artist Timo Ketola (Watain, Deathspell Omega, etc), who is also responsible for the entire Digipack and booklet design for this release. You can expect something really great!

The album is going to be released as a 3-panels digipack with a 24 pages booklet enclosed, portraying the extense lyrics and Ketola's aditional art.

The tracklist:

  1. Maveth Ha-Nephesh
  2. The Four Reflexions of Divinity and Indulgence
  3. Mehûmah
  4. Pralayakarta (Vamachara Tantra)
  5. Netivat Tohû
  6. Above the Supreme Crown of God
  7. Yatra

The album cover:

Ain Sof Aur - Ophis Christos

2014-07-30 AIN SOF AUR signs with Sulphur Records

We are proud to announce our new signing: AIN SOF AUR. The second full-length of this great Brazilian Black Metal act, entitled "Ophis Christos", is already recorded and being prepared to be released in a few months.

The album was mastered at Necromorbus Studio, in Sweden. You can expect a powerful, intense and ritualistic masterpiece of Orthodox Metal of Death. If you are interested to know something more about this purveyors of chaos, we suggest read this recent interview on Slaying Tongue.

2014-06-21 Out now! PATRIA "Individualism" CD

The new album, recently released by the Norwegian label Indie Recordings in Digipack and vinyl formats, was just released as a standard version exclusively to South American market via Sulphur Records.

The CD and the imported vinyl version are already available in the webstore of Drakkar Brasil:

2014-03-01 Sulphur Records official distribution store.

The official store for our releases, including our back distro list, will be Drakkar Productions - South American Division (DRAKKAR BRASIL). So, you can find everything we release or distribute in the webstore:

Drakkar Brasil