A brief history of Sulphur Records...

Sulphur Records was founded in the begining of 2014, but we have a background of almost 20 years working with music, music distribution, Metal gigs and promotion. Our previous projects, back in the mid 90's, started with Nightreign Productions and changed name to Ordo Paganus in 2008. During 2012 we stoped our activities to dedicate some time to other personal projects.

Since the begining of 2013 we became the managers of Drakkar Productions - South American Division (aka Drakkar Brasil), the office of the French cult label Drakkar Productions.

Sulphur Records was found with the aim to release, license and distribute quality material, especially in Black Metal genre.


STATEMENT: As we already runs and manage the webstore of Drakkar Brasil, all products of Sulphur Records (new releases and our back distro list) are available in the Drakkar's shop: www.drakkarbrasil.com.br